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Eyelash extensions are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions with longer, fuller and a very natural look without the need of mascara. At TTLashes, we specialize in semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are specifically designed to achieve your desired look, while promoting healthy growth of your natural eyelashes. The health of your natural lashes and your satisfaction are our number one priority at TT Lashes. We are so confident in our work  and use our own high quality eyelash products.

Classic eyelash extension is when one natural lash is being extended by one strand of extension. Volume eyelash extension is when one natural lash is being attached by 2, 3 or 5 strands of extension. Each set of eyelash extensions is specifically designed according to your desire look using our quality eyelash extensions. 


Fills are recommended every 3 weeks but also depending on your natural lash shredding cycle. We remove grown out lashes and add new ones to all of your regrown lashes to make it like new set again. After 4 weeks is considered a full, new set.

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